Welcome Back!

Hey all!

I hope everyone had a great summer!  Welcome back to school, and welcome to school for the first years!  Come swing by our room MS 337A and say hi!  Grab a membership, we have tons of awesome events planned for this year so stay tuned!  Memberships are on sale for $5!!!!

Clubs week is next week, and we’ll be there!  Look for us and say hi again.

We’ve recently added some really awesome things to our room.  Give a warm welcome to our new members Euler and Wisdom Bear!  Euler is the 12 foot tall cactus.  Super awesome.

photo 2


Also, we renovated our kitchenette.  It looks super sweet and it’s super sleek.  Just one more out of the many reasons to swing by.

photo 3

As always, Dr Mario on the NES is back in action.  Come by and challenge one of us to a game.  We’ll probably beat you, but that’s okay.  We also have a twitter account, follow us @SCUM_UofC

Have a great semester and we hope to see you soon!


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